21st Century Report

Marketing the Profession

Executive Summary

What is a Health Education Specialist?

This one page document, originally developed to supplement materials at the Health Education Advocacy Summit was originally created by SOPHE.  The current version was approved for use by the Marketing the Profession Taskforce of CNHEO as tool to be used by employers, educators and to seeking employment in the Health Education Profession.

These documents are available courtesy of New York State and are to be used by various organizations, including professional preparation programs. The first brochure, Employer's Guide, is designed for employers to better understand what a health educator is and how best to use their skills. The second brochure, What is Health Education?, is a brochure that can be used for student recruitment.


Employer's Guide (Microsoft Word format)
Employer's Guide (Adobe Acrobat format)

What is Health Education? (Microsoft Word format)
What is Health Education? (Adobe Acrobat format)

21st Century Report

21st Century Report documentation is available on Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

The Health Education Profession in the Twenty-First Century: Setting the Stage

21st Century Progress Report - 2001 Appendices

21st Century Progress Report 2001

21st Century Report -2002
Improving the Nation's Health Through Health Education:
A Vision for the 21st Century