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Member Organizations


American Association for Health Education
(An Association of the American Alliance for Health,
Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance)

1900 Association Drive Reston, VA 20191
Telephone: (800) 213-7193; FAX (703) 476-6638
Voice mail: (703) 476-3437; E-mail:aahe@aahperd.org
WEB: http://www.aaheinfo.org

Year Established: 1937.

Health Division of AAHPER, 1937 to 1973. The parent organization began in 1885


Organization Description:

The American Association for Health Education is a membership organization representing 5,500 health educators and health promotion specialists and is the oldest and largest health education association. AAHE's members are leaders in the field, educators at every level of academia and practitioners in all corners of society. They recognize the value of AAHE as their resource for professional growth and networking. AAHE is one of six national associations in the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD). AAHPERD is also divided into six multiple state geographical sub-organizations called districts.


Mission / Statement of Purpose:

The American Association for Health Education (AAHE) advances the profession by serving health educators and other professionals who strive to promote the health of all people. The leaders and members realize the mission through a comprehensive approach which encourages, supports, and assists health professionals concerned with health promotion through education and other systematic strategies. AAHE serves professionals in all settings, such as: health care, community/public agencies, businesses, schools (Pre-K-12) and institutions of higher education.



In fulfilling the above stated purpose, AAHE seeks to:

  1. Develop and promulgate standards, resources and services regarding health education to professionals and non-professionals.
  2. Foster the development of national research priorities in health education and promotion. Provide mechanisms for the translation of theory and research into practice and the translation of practice into theory and research.
  3. Facilitate communication among members of the profession, the lay public and other national and international organizations with respect to the philosophic basis and current application of health education principles and practices.
  4. Provide technical assistance to legislative and professional bodies engaged in drafting pertinent legislation and related guidelines.
  5. Provide leadership in promoting policies and evaluative procedures that will result in effective health education programs.
  6. Assist in the development and mobilization of resources for effective health education and promotion.


Membership: 5,500



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Online bookstore at



  • Multiple Event Provider of Continuing Education for Certified Health Education Specialists
  • Providing On-line Distance Education Courses through www.HEPNetwork.org  
  • Annual conference  - see listing below
  • Topical conferences / trainings
  • Accreditation of Health Education University Teacher Preparation Programs through NCATE
  • Approval of undergraduate Community Health Education Preparation Programs through SABPAC
  • Distribution of resource materials
  • Development and dissemination of National Health Education Standards (preK-12)
  • Development and dissemination of the Joint Report on Terminology in Health Education and Promotion every ten years.



A national annual convention held each spring in conjunction with AAHPERD at various locations throughout the United States.

  • Boston, MA, March 13-17, 2012
  • Charlotte, NC, April 23-27, 2013
  • St. Louis, Missouri, March 18-22, 2014
  • Seattle, Washington, March 17-21, 2015



Staff names and titles:

  • Acting Executive Director – Linda M. Moore
  • Program Assistant – Meaghan Walsh


Board :

         President - Thomas Davis, University of Northern Iowa

         President-elect- Caile Spear, Boise State University

         AAHE Representative to the AAHPERD BOG – David Birch, University of Alabama

         Nine Members at-large 

       Donna Videto, State University of  New York at Cortland

       Karen Cottrell, Lakota School District, Ohio

       Carolyn Parks-Bani, CDC

Elizabeth H. Chaney, University of Florida

Robert R. Lindsey, Johnson C. Smith University

Marlene Tappe, Mankato State University

Kimberly M. Coleman, North Carolina Central University

Reginald Fennell, Miami University

Ping Johnson, Kennesaw State University

Jennifer Walters, Indiana University, Student Member



  1. Interest Areas-each member may select three of the eleven available
  2. AAHE Research Coordinating Board
  3. The association also has 13 standing committees and a variety of ad hoc committees with which members may become involved



  • Professional- $ 135 / year
  • Student- $ 55 / year (undergraduate and graduate)


  • Subscriptions to the American Journal of Health Education – Libraries, Institutions and Agencies: Print and On-line combined $215 U.S., $222.75 Canada 5% GST, $227 other countries; Print only $195 U.S., $204.75 Canada 5% GST, $207 other countries. Individuals Print/Online combined $150 U.S., $157.50 Canada 5% GST, $162 other countries. To Subscribe phone 703-476-3493 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            703-476-3493      end_of_the_skype_highlighting



Varies annually depending upon external funding


Number of Paid Staff:

2-full time or part time at headquarters
3 university based Journal Editors, 3 contributing editors


Delegate:  Kerry Redican

Professor and Dept. Unit Chair

School of Education

Learning Sciences & Technology
School of Education
206 War Memorial Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-5743            (540) 231-5743      



Alternate Delegate:

Linda M. Moore
Acting Executive Director, AAHE
1900 Association Drive Reston, VA 22091
W- (703) 476-3437          

FAX- (703) 476-6638


Chief Elected Officer:

Thomas M. Davis, H.S.D.

203 WRC

University of Northern Iowa

Cedar Falls, IA  50614-0241

Wk:  319.273.6151

Fx:     319.273.5958

Email:  Thomas.davis@uni.edu


Chief Staff Officer:

Linda Moore
Executive Director, AAHE
Address above


Legislative Liaison:   AAHE Advocacy Committee Co-chairs

Philip A. Gapinski, Ph.D., CHES 

Longwood University

201 High Street

Willett 115

Farmville, Virginia 23909

Wk:  434.395.2547

E-Mail: gapinskipa@longwood.edu



Kathleen  Young, Ph.D.

CSU, Northridge

Dept. of Health Sciences

18111 Nordhoff Street

Northridge, CA  91330-8285

Wk:  818.677.4725

Fx:    818.677.2045

Email:  Kathleen.Young@CSUN.edu