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Member Organizations
American College Health Association
891 Elkridge Landing Road, Suite 100
Linthicum, MD 21090
Phone (410) 859-1500 • Fax (410) 859-1510
Year Established: 1920
Statement of Purpose:
To be the recognized voice of expertise in college health.
The American College Health Association (ACHA) will provide advocacy, education, communications, products, and services, as well as promote research and culturally competent
practices to enhance its members' ability to advance the health of all students and the campus community.
Core Values:
To promote healthy communities and healthy individuals as critical components of student learning, the American College Health Association values:
1. Social Justice, Human Dignity and Respect for All
2. Provision of Student-Centered Services
3. Professional Excellence, Responsiveness and Ethical Practice
4. Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Approaches to Health
5. The Commitment And Participation Of Those Who Advance Health
6. The Active Involvement of Students
Strategic Goals:
GOAL 1: ACHA will support and promote systems and programs that produce optimum health outcomes for college students and campus communities.
GOAL 2: ACHA will be the primary source of information, education and consultation on health and health promotion issues affecting college and university students within the campus
GOAL 3: ACHA will be the leading source of evidence-based knowledge about the field of college health.
GOAL 4: ACHA will be the principal advocate for national public policy affecting the health of all college students and campus communities.
GOAL 5: ACHA will develop and maximize the use of human, financial, and technological resources to ensure and sustain growth.
Categories of membership include individual (regular, student, associate and emeritus), institutional, and sustaining.  Membership includes membership within one of eleven regional
affiliated organizations (Central, Mid-America, Mid-Atlantic, New England, New York State, North Central, Ohio, Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountain, Southern and Southwest College
Health Associations).
Over 2800 individual members, 900 institutional members
Dues information:
Individual Membership: $165-$195 / year
Individual Student: $35-$85 / year
Institutional Membership: $375-$2,000 / year (depends on institution’s annual health service budget)
Membership Publications
Journal of American College Health-published bi-monthly.
Action (newsletter) published quarterly.
Each section produces a semiannual newsletter. A variety of other publications on policy, programming, law, and educational resource materials are available.
A national annual meeting is held late each spring, at various locations throughout the United States.  Eleven regional and state affiliate association meetings are also held annually.  
Future national meetings locations include:
Boston, MA  2013
San Antonio, TX  2014
Orlando, FL  2015
San Francisco, CA  2016
Board of Directors
18 members, including:
Executive Committee with President, President-Elect* (*one-year position elected by membership), Vice-President**, Immediate Past-President, and Treasurer** (**alternating two-year
positions elected by membership), and the ACHA Executive Director
Four Members-At-Large with 2-year appointments, selected by the President
Two Student members, selected by the Student/Consumer Section
Six Regional Representatives with two-year appointments, elected by each of the six geographical regions of ACHA.
Standing Committees
Ad Hoc Committees & Coalitions
Annual Meeting Program
ACHA-NCHA (ACHA - National College Health Assessment) Advisory Committee
Advanced Practice Clinicians
Advocacy Coalition
Clinical Medicine
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Coalition
Health Promotion
Continuing Education
Allies for LGBT Health Coalition
Mental Health
Awards Advisory Committee
Nurse-Directed Health Services
Benchmarking Advisory Committee
Campus Safety & Violence Coalition
Coalition for the Wellness Needs of Military Veteran Students
Cultural Competency Statement Revision Task Force
Emerging Public Health Threats & Emergency Response Coalition
Ethnic Diversity Coalition
External Funding Advisory Committee
External Funding Task Force
Fellows Advisory Committee
Faculty & Staff Health & Wellness Coalition
HIPAA/HIM Coalition
National Health Objectives for 2020 Coalition
Program Planning Task Force
Sexual Health Education & Clinical Care Coalition
Spirituality, Religion & Student Health Coalition
Student Health Insurance/Benefits Plans Coalition
Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Advisory Committee
Volunteer Leadership Infrastructure Evaluation Task Force
11 Affiliate Associations that are grouped into six geographical regions.
Budget: $2.8 Million
Number of paid staff: 16
Chief Staff Officer:
Doyle E. Randol, MS, Col, USA (Ret.)
Executive Director
American College Health Association
Legislative Liaison:
Mary Hoban, PhD
American College Health Association
E-mail: mhoban@acha.org